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Kestrel Acrobatics & Tumbling

End of Summer Term 2015:
As the long summer break approaches we’re sure you are all looking forward to holidays and adventures! Although we don’t recommend practising most gymnastic moves unsupervised, we would ask that you try to encourage your children to keep stretching, carrying out basic moves and getting some cardio exercise during the break. Handstands and cartwheels are typical moves that help keep the gymnasts focused on what they should be doing, and can be done in a grassy area. Bridges, splits, frog balances, straddle levers, and bunny hops are other moves that will help. We’re sure the gymnasts would be delighted to demonstrate all the moves that they are comfortable doing for you.

National Tumbling

Billy and Joe Harding trained hard for this event, which was held on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th May, at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. The best tumblers in the UK took part to compete for a place in the National finals. After the first round Billy was in 6th place and Joe in 5th. An excellent second tumble saw Joe pull ahead to 4th place, but after the final run and a couple of errors due to the pressure of the competition, Billy stayed in 6th and Joe dropped back to 5th. A creditable performance from both boys.
The results of the semi-finals were enough to qualify the boys for entry to the National finals, which this year were held in Telford on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th June, where the top eight tumblers in each category competed for the chance to be British champion. It was a busy weekend for the twins, as they had to leave school early on Friday for their orientation, and return to Telford International Arena on the Saturday morning. Their practice went well, and both boys seemed calm and relaxed as they started their runs. The first run saw Joe into 4th place and Billy in 7th; run two caused Joe some difficulty with a final half turn, allowing his nearest rival to join him in 4th, where Billy’s second run was neat and clean, increasing his score. Both boys executed a decent final tumble, leaving Billy in 7th place, and Joe in 5th, missing 4th by 0.1 points.

We are very proud of Billy and Joe Harding who have worked hard to become 7th and 5th best in the whole of Great Britain, in the Grade 1 Men’s Tumblers 13+ category.

South West Regional Acrobatics Championship Competition
Well done to all gymnasts who took part in the South West Championship competition in Sherborne on Sunday 5th July and in Taunton on Sunday 12th July.

At their first ever competition together, Tassie Whiteley and Rosie Gibson gave a respectable performance resulting in 14th place at grade 2.

Zoe Smith and Tamsin Shaw took to the floor for the second time this year to compete at grade 2. A sparkling performance which was well received by the judges, and despite two time penalties, managed 6th place.

Jenna Nunn and Caitlin Roberts performed a new routine at grade 3 but their tentativeness with the routine was reflected in the scores, leaving them in a creditable 15th place.

Trinni Dagger & Cerys Greenwell, Livy Rebollo-Smith & Maisy Brimble and Caitlin Stewart & Eliana Davis faced a much higher level of competition at grade 3 in Taunton, with a much larger group of competitors.

Unfortunately nerves got the better of Livy and Maisy causing a few major wobbles which resulted in penalties from the judges and a consequent place of 26th.

Trinni and Cerys improved their artistic performance but were unfortunately heavily penalised for two attempts of ‘stand on shoulders’ leaving them in a respectable 25th place.

Caitlin and Eliana performed a cool, calm, and polished routine, earning them a high artistry mark and a place of 18th.

Tuck Shop
In order to help raise money toward new equipment, we are opening the tuck shop at the end of each session on the last week of the summer term. We will be selling sweets at pocket money prices, so please come prepared.

Cattle Country
We are eagerly awaiting the trip to Cattle Country this year and look forward to running, sliding and splashing with you. A timetable of supervision is attached for those of you who have volunteered to help keep our gymnasts safe and we remind you to pack a towel / change of clothes as the splash pool is always popular! We will be bringing our tuck shop of sweets and drinks to buy at reasonable prices, but water will be available on tap.

Effort Trophy
It is important that the effort trophy is returned at the start of the following gym session in order that other gymnasts may have the opportunity to win it. This incentive is to encourage everyone to stretch themselves and reward them for doing so. This is an award purely based on effort as we recognise that gymnasts are at different levels of ability. If your child wins an award it means they have either finally achieved a move that has eluded them for some time, or they have generally worked harder than usual during the session. You may wish to take a photo of the gymnast with the trophy and bring it in. We will pin it on the Kestrels board to show how impressed we are with their efforts!

OK, so onto the Autumn Term!

Fees and dates for the new term are shown on our website; please ensure prompt payment by the dates stipulated to gain the £5.00 discount.

All classes on Saturday 26th September are cancelled, and those on 11th/12th December have been moved to the small hall.

Adult sessions will be held once a month if there is sufficient interest. Please send an email to let us know if this is something you would like to try.

To give you some early notice, we have a provisional date for our annual club display of Saturday 21st November to which family and friends are warmly invited to attend. Gym will start at 9:30am that day, where we will hold a dress rehearsal prior to the performance. We intend that the display will run between 12.00pm and 1.00pm followed by a raffle and a selection of stalls, but will provide further details at the start of the autumn term. There will be a small charge for each gymnast. Last year’s was a great success and this year we hope all gymnasts will be available to participate in some exciting new routines.
We would like to know whether or not your child wishes to take part so that we can choreograph the display over the summer – please email. (Club leotards must be ordered in as soon as possible as they may take up to eight weeks to arrive.)

As always, some general housekeeping notices:
Would you please ensure that we hold current contact information for you and your child, so that we can contact you in case of emergency or if a session is cancelled due to snow or illness. Please also inform us if there is any important medical information we should be aware of such as asthma, any allergies or a recent operation.

May we remind you that Kestrel coaches are responsible for our gymnasts while they are in the leisure centre. Consequently, parents of children still at school should ensure that they escort their children to Kestrel coaches, and collect them from the gym area at the end of the session rather than meeting them in reception or outside the leisure centre. This is to ensure the safety of both children and coaches.

Welfare and safety guidelines from British Gymnastics are posted on our notice board, so please consult it or ask us if you have any questions.

Please don’t send your child with crisps and chocolate or sugary/fizzy drinks and sweets as a snack. We understand that that gymnasts use a lot of energy which needs to be replaced; however, this can be done effectively through healthy snacks, and parents can of course provide alternatives after gym or at home. Suggestions include cereal bars, dried & fresh fruit and vegetables, water or fruit juices. Please also remind your child to remove their own rubbish – we expect all gymnasts to act sensibly and responsibly when attending sessions, which includes looking after our environment.

Finally, a big thank you to all Coaches, Gymnasts and Parents for making this another successful, enjoyable term!

Kind regards
Lyn Price

On behalf of
Kestrel Coaches.
Lyn Price, Margaret Price, Cliff Price, Kierri Price, Paul Hibbert (Welfare), Sarah Martin, Lorraine Cairney


Well done to all gymnasts who took part in the South West Acrobatic and Tumbling Preliminary competitions in Sherborne, Taunton and Bristol on Sundays; 15th & 22nd February and 1st March.

We chose only a few pairs/trios/tumblers this year, to represent Kestrel against all the other clubs in the South West region.

Competing for Kestrel in the Grade Two women’s pairs were Zoe & Tamsin, Jasmine & Isla and Livy & Maisy. They participated in their first competition in these partnerships for Kestrel. All of these pairs performed their routines with greater panache than in training, however the level of the opposition was high and a combination of nerves and a few time faults meant that these pairs were placed 15th, 12th and 11th respectively.

Our Grade Two trio of Lucy, Amy and Sophie, in their first competition together as a trio, rose to the occasion and performed a clean routine with no major errors earning them a respectable 8th place.

The Grade Three Women’s pairs had Trinni & Cerys and Caitlin & Lizzie competing for Kestrel. Both of these pairs showed a polished routine with improved levels of flair and synchronicity, resulting in some of our highest artistry scores. However, the fierce opposition and some wobbles during the technical skills meant that we achieved a creditable 26th and 23rd place.

Tegan was our only female tumbler; entering at National One level. She performed her tumbles with her usual grace and elegance. Her three tumbles improved as she gained confidence, with her scores for each of them increasing accordingly; culminating in one of the highest scores of her group for the final tumble leaving her in a respectable 9th place.

We were surprised to find that the Men’s National One level had only two entries – those of Billy and Joe– which left the twins fighting for gold or silver. As each of them needed to achieve a minimum total score of 63.00 for all three tumbles in order to go through to the National semi finals, the tension was palpable. Despite a few wobbles in the first run, Billy managed to secure silver and a place in the semi-finals with a score of 63.15; leaving Joe to sweep up the gold and jointly confirm his place on the regional squad with a score of 64.20.

Congratulations gymnasts. You have some very proud coaches for all your hard work preparing for the competition, and your exemplary behaviour both on and off the competition floor and track.

We are supporting four pairs of gymnasts from Crossways school at the South West schools competition on Sunday 15th March. They have been training hard to perfect and polish their routines and improve their technical delivery; we wish them good luck.

I have received confirmation of the dates for the summer South West Acrobatic championship competitions and would like to enter gymnasts from our club in this event. The competitions will be held in Sherbourne, Dorset on Sunday 5th July 2014 for Grades One, Two and in Taunton, Somerset on Sunday 12th July for Grades Three and above.

We also expect that the inter-club competition in Honiton will be held on the weekend of 26th/27th September. This is an annual event which we expect most of our intermediate and advanced gymnasts to attend, as this gives them the opportunity to experience all levels of competition in a fun and friendly environment.

Please let your coach know if your child is not available on 5th and 12th of July and 26th/27th September or does not wish to be considered for competition. I will let you know during May if your child has been chosen to represent Kestrel at these events, and will give further information about leotard hire and extra training as soon as possible. Put these dates in your diary as they are great days out to watch gymnasts perform, and to support our club.

We will receive an invitation to another inter-club competition in November as well as the Tumbling Championships in December and will let you know as soon as we have dates for these events. Both of these are due to be held in Bristol.

We have been invited to perform a display routine at the South Gloucestershire Community Showcase on the afternoon of Saturday 25th April 2015 in Thornbury Leisure Centre. We would like to put together a team of our best gymnasts to represent us at this event and need to start practicing for this as soon as possible. Please use the attached form to let us know if your child is available.

Invoices for the summer term will be issued by email in the week commencing Monday 16th March. If you have not received yours, please contact me by Monday 23rd March so that I can email a copy or print a paper copy before the end of term.
Summer term 2015:
Please note the dates (below) for next term in your diary and ensure that payment reaches me before the term starts as I have to pay for the hire of the hall, organise each class, book the coaches and offer places to those on the waiting list. Prompt payment by the dates stipulated will merit a £5.00 discount.
Friday Dates: Saturday Dates: Wednesday Dates:
17 Apr – 22 May (5 weeks) 18 Apr – 23 May (5 weeks) 15 Apr – 20 May (6 weeks)
Half term Half Term Half Term
5 Jun – 17 Jul (6 weeks) 6 Jun – 18 Jul (6 weeks) 3 Jun – 15 Jul (7 weeks)

Payments due BY:
10th April 2015 11th April 2015 8th April 2015

• There is NO GYM on 1st & 2nd May and 19th & 20th June.
• We have been moved to the small hall on the following Fridays and Saturdays; 28th March, 18th, 25th April, 8th May, 5th& 6th, 13th, 26th & 27th June and 18th July 2015
• All Wednesday dates are so far unchanged.

As you may know, Kestrel runs an after-school club for pupils at Crossways School and we want to say thank you to Katherine Arnott for giving up her time to help us coach the young children, and for being an excellent ambassador for our club. The following gymnasts also help the beginners on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; Jenna Nunn, Brandon Bishop, Billy Harding, Joe Harding, Tegan Taylor, Lauren Savage, Bonnie Magee, Lauren Highnam, Zoe Smith & Eli Webster. I am very proud of all these young people for their effort on behalf of the club; they are such excellent role models.

We hope you all have a super time over the Easter break; we encourage all our gymnasts to keep practicing splits and bridges to maintain and improve their flexibility. On behalf of all the coaches, I look forward to seeing everyone safe and well when we resume in April.

Kind regards
Lyn Price

On behalf of
Kestrel Coaches.

Lyn Price, Margaret Price, Cliff Price, Kierri Price, Fiona Lord,
Paul Hibbert, Lisa Munyard, Lorraine Cairney, Sarah Martin.