Your coaches are planning to issue you with challenges each week while we’re on lockdown. Check here to see what we’ve set.

Please see our Facebook page and instagram account for more information.

Zoom classes are now up and running, please contact us if you would like to take part.

Week commencing Monday 4 May – Press up challenge 3.

For this you will need a stable raised platform. Push up into your press up shape with your feet on the raised platform. Can you do ten press ups? Try holding your shape and one arm at a time lowering down to your forearms, then back up to your hands. What different platforms did you use? Which was the best?

Week commencing Monday 27 April – Press up challenge 2.

For this you will need four toilet rolls. Push up into your press up shape and note where your hands are. Now place a toilet roll either side of each hand. Push back up into press up and one at a time, raise your hand and ‘walk’ it over a toilet roll, then back . Try this ten times with each arm. What could you use instead of toilet rolls? Can you do this with six or more toilet rolls?

(Have a look at our instagram account to see how we managed.)

Week commencing Monday 20 April – press up challenge 1.

For this you will need a stable raised platform and space behind for your press up. The aim is to hold your press up shape then step your hands up onto the raised platform then back down. See if you can do this ten times. What different platforms can you find? Which is the best or most challenging?

Week commencing Monday 13th April – Handstandup to Corona.

Post a picture of you in a handstand with the hashtag #handstanduptocorona our efforts are shown on our instagram page.

Week commencing Monday 6th April – the Handstand T-shirt Challenge.

Your first Challenge is inspired by Tom Holland (aka Spiderman).


The aim is to stand with your back against a wall, place your hands a comfortable distance away on the floor and walk up the wall until you are in a handstand. THEN, put on a t-shirt.

I found this quite difficult so I tried it holding a front support shape with my feet on the bed. What can you do?

We have set up a private instagram account called Kestrel Acro Gymnastics which is open to all kestrel gymnasts , or one parent per gym household. Here you can already see examples of myself and Hannah having a go.

If you want to send in videos or pictures of your attempt via email, we will endeavour to post them on instagram, but PLEASE ensure that your parent has given permission and that you are modestly clothed.

Good luck